14 March 2011

Welcome to the World at Home!

As a museum of the home, the Geffrye Museum in Shoreditch allows you to follow the story of the English home over the last 400 years.
Geffrye Museum / photographers David Clarke & Marcus Leith
But look more closely, and you might find the ‘English’ home is not as English as you thought it was.
Even though different countries are separated by different languages and cultures, there are many connections between them. The Geffrye has many objects which can tell stories about England’s links with the rest of the world. If you visit the Museum’s set of period rooms, you can already see many of these international influences in the objects on display.

Our team from UCL’s Institute of Archaeology is working with the Geffrye as part of the Stories of the World project to highlight some of these influences other countries and cultures have had on objects and rituals that are now part of the English home.
The UCL team outside the Geffrye Museum
We’ll be helping the Geffrye run family events in April, as well as creating a permanent children’s trail and activities. We’re also developing a new display to be installed in May and web resources to go with it.

‘Who are we?’

We’re Vicky and Hannah and we are the Web Resources Team. It’s our job to let you know all about what we’re doing and add some extra insights into the project. We’ll be with you until the display goes live, giving you updates, offering behind-the-scenes glimpses of some of our favourite Geffrye objects and perhaps even setting you a challenge or two!

As well as our blog, you can follow us on Twitter. And for the photographers out there – or anyone with a camera – we’ll be running Flickr groups so you can send us your own pictures.

While we’re doing all this, we’ll be developing the resources which will be added to the museum’s website. If all goes to plan, we’ll have an interactive feature, as well as a slideshow to give to you!

We’re all really excited about our project and we hope you enjoy it!

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