21 March 2011

Calling all photographers!

...or anyone with a camera!

Nowadays, most people have some way of taking a photo, whether they have a fancy SLR a mobile phone with a camera, and photo-sharing sites like Flickr are an excellent way to show off your snaps and contribute to online collections. We're looking for people who can get involved with the Geffrye museum and our project by showing off photos you've taken.

The World at Home project has its own Flickr account - we're filling it with behind the scenes images from the project.

Concourse case team
Getting started is easy: Flickr allows you to sign in with your Facebook or Google accounts, but you don't need to have one to sign up! You can organise your photos, show them at their best, and share them with others in groups and discussions. Plus, privacy controls mean your images are secure. It's a great way to stay in touch and to take part in all kinds of events and communities - like the Geffrye. Take the Flickr tour to find out more.

The Geffrye Museum has uploaded many of its own images to Flickr, letting you get a closer peek at the museum now and in the past. It also has its group, called 'Around the Geffrye's rooms and gardens' where anyone can upload images from their visits to the Geffrye. It's full of amazing shots, but we think it could do with even more visitors showing off their images.

If you've ever taken a picture in or around the Geffrye, why not investigate signing up to Flickr and connecting with other photographers? We'd love to see your work.

Keep an eye on this blog too - soon we'll be posting some photographic competitions to do with our 'around the world' theme and our favourite contributions to our Flickr group will be posted here!

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