16 March 2011

Mystery Object No. 1 – Something Square

We are proud to present our first ‘mystery object’ from the Geffrye’s collection.

In this mini-series, we shall be posting pictures of some of our favourite objects from the Geffrye – and asking if you can guess what they were used for, where they came from, or just simply what on earth they are.

We thought we’d start with an easy one:

(c) Geffrye Museum, London

Can you guess what this object might be?

Here’s a clue: you probably have a few of these in your home, but they might not look quite the same as this one.

Post your answers in the blog comments or via our Twitter feed.

Look for the answer in this Saturday’s blog post!


  1. tea cup!!! gotta be a tea cup

  2. Yeah I'm going with cup too.

  3. I'm guessing a sugar bowl...

  4. Probably not a sugar bowl as there are a few in the house... I would also vote tea cup. Cruel photo angle!


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