23 March 2011

Mystery Object No. 2 – Something Irish

It’s Wednesday again, which means it’s time for this week’s mystery object!

(c) Geffrye Museum, London

We can tell you that this metal object is from Ireland, but can you tell us what people in the 1700s would have used it for?

Here’s your clue: the use of this object is where a famous British saying comes from

Post your answers in the blog comments or via our Twitter feed and check whether you got it right in this Saturday’s blog post.


  1. I have no idea this week! Maybe some sort of crazy candle holder?

  2. I know, I know! But I work at the Geffrye sometimes, so don't think I can play. Can I? Can I?

  3. It looks like its for crushing things... Maybe flower stems?

  4. Musical instrument. Some sort of recorder.

  5. @Julia Deering - hehe, or, you could double-bluff, now everyone knows you work for the Geffrye they'll believe whatever you say it is!

    Thanks everyone for your guesses so far - you'll find out tomorrow if any of you have got it right...

  6. its a space flute

  7. The famous British saying clue doesn't help ... Ireland 1700... something to do with horses or it looks like it's supposed to hold something accurately so maybe something to measure weather???


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