9 April 2011

Your International Home

Last week we asked you to tell us about international objects in your home and we loved seeing the international objects from around your homes! Here are some of our favourites:

Doug Ellertson shared this photo of Japanese Asahi which he has been enjoying in his Canadian home:

Close Up of Asahi Beer! :)

Plenty of the food and drink we take for granted has made long international journeys: in recent decades, food and drink have travelled around the globe far more than ever before.
Of course, when food is imported from other countries, often the country it's being imported to doesn't have the accessories to go with it - they need to be imported too.
team_nuwanda showed us this pretty little rice bowl that has come all the way from Hong Kong to England:

Rice Bowl

Some of our very favourite photos were of two different objects, both made from scrap metal, and brought back from different parts of Africa.

Steph-Nut showed us this very cute little warthog (made from spare metal shavings) from Zimbabwe:


While lolamaxx contributed this model racing car, made in South Africa:

Scrap Tin Car, Cape Flats, Cape Town

But if we were giving out points for the number of international objects contributed, the first prize would have to go to barefootfiona, for this impressive haul covering 11 countries in 5 continents!

Foreign Souvenirs

Even the blanket they are sitting on here started its life in Africa.

Thankyou to everyone who contributed to the Flickr group!

If you enjoyed contributing this time around, keep your eyes peeled for our next photographic event to run through our Flickr group, which will start on the 20th April.

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