21 April 2011

World at Home for the Family

Lots of pictures for you today! Tuesday and Wednesday saw our The World at Home family days take over the Geffrye Museum, and I think we can safely say that a good time was had by all. Here is a sample of what went on:

Scents of the World - making pomanders to take home
Mixing fragrances in Scents of the World

Tales from the Deep - handling 300 year old tea bowls and saucers (lucky children - we haven't been allowed to do this!)

Tales from the Deep - retelling the story of the Ca Mau shipwreck using shadow puppets. Truly impressive.
Tales from the Deep - concentrating hard at the OHP
Lunchtime at the museum in the sunshine
Company's Coming - baking Turkish biscuits. They smelt amazing!
Company's Coming - tasty biscuit mixture
Company's Coming - the finished product!

Printed Patterns - making prints using fabric paint

Printed Patterns - even our youngest visitors joined in

Printed Patterns - some of the finished prints. They will all be stitched together to make a banner

Fantastic Fans - remember we told you about Japanese uchiwa? Some of the children at yesterday's family day made their own to take home with them

Another Fantastic Fan

Tea Leaf Reading - enjoying a nice cup of Early Grey

Tea Leaf Reading - finding out what different symbols in the tea leaves mean
 There are more photos over on our Flickr site. Were you there? See if you can find yourself!

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