5 April 2011

The New Adventures of Sam the Dog & Other Stories

Along with a gallery display in the Geffrye Museum, our project team is also creating a ‘World at Home’ experience for young visitors!

As well as two family days held over the Easter holidays (more information on this coming soon!), the Feely Box and Sam the Dog children’s trail are undergoing a World at Home makeover.

The Feely Box is an opportunity for families to handle objects linked to the museum, but without being able to see them. There are information cards so you can check whether you guessed correctly what the objects are. It’s a bit like our blog mystery objects but you get to actually touch the real thing! Each object will have some multicultural link, so as well as guessing what the object is, you can work out how it links to another culture.

The Geffrye Museum Feely Box
From 11th April you will be able to feel our 14 new objects in action, and learn a bit more about how different cultures have influenced the English home.

As an extra treat, the Geffrye’s Sam the Dog trail is being redesigned to get children thinking more carefully about how English their homes are.

Sam will appear in each of the Geffrye’s period rooms to ask and answer questions about where things came from.

Do you know where mirrors were being made in the 17th century? Or where chess comes from? From the start of May, children (and the young at heart) can join Sam as he goes on new adventures around the world to find out the answers!

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