6 May 2011

Mystery Object No. 5 - Something Silver

Yes that’s right, Mystery Object hasn’t gone away! This will, however, be our last instalment as our project is drawing to a close very soon – we’re very sad about this!

Anyway, here’s your last mystery object:
(c) Geffrye Museum, London

Simple question: what do you think was kept in this object?

And of course we’ll give you a clue - you get an extra picture this time!

(c) Geffrye Museum, London

Post your answers in the blog comments or via our Twitter feed.

You can check whether you got it right on Monday.


  1. For some reason I'm thinking pins, or maybe cocktail sticks. I'm probably way off base!

  2. INK!!! ....space ink!

  3. I say cigar.
    Boyfriend says snuff.


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